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For 50 years, SCHILLER has been committed to the fight against sudden cardiac death. The success story began with the launch of a handy emergency electrocardioscope. In one stroke, the company not only made a name for itself, but also set new standards.

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Success stories from 50 years


2000 – Bruker Médical becomes SCHILLER Médical SAS

With the acquisition of Bruker’s cardiology business in 2000, SCHILLER expands its market access by entering the field of emergency and hospital defibrillation.

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1998 – SCHILLER India is created in cooperation between Alfred Schiller and the RR Group

SCHILLER has been selling in India since 1989.

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1995 - The bestseller CARDIOVIT AT-1 is introduced

CARDIOVIT AT-1, the durable 3-channel resting ECG with 12 simultaneous leads, was sold over 100,000 times worldwide.

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1992 – BR-102: small, light, quiet, powerful

This is also SCHILLER: In 1992, the revolutionary BR-102 blood pressure monitor was introduced to the market as a new lightweight device.

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1989 – SCHILLER enters the Eastern European Market

SCHILLER Austria is founded in 1989. A large market share, technical and digital achievements as well as a network to Eastern Europe made SCHILLER strong via Austria to Poland, into the Ukraine, to Romania and North Macedonia.

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1989 – ECG and spirometry combined for the first time

In 1989, SCHILLER combines the 6-channel ECG device AT-6 and spirometry function in one device.

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1988 – The first subsidiary outside Europe

Originally venturing into America in 1988, SCHILLER established SCHILLER Americas Inc. in Newport Beach, CA, as its first subsidiary outside of Europe.

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1986 - Subsidiary Germany

Here comes the next milestone in SCHILLER's company history: SCHILLER Medizintechnik GmbH is founded in Ottobrunn near Munich in 1986.

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1984 – The world's first ECG device capable of interpretation

CARDIOVIT CS-6 was the first device in the world that could automatically measure and interpret ECGs.

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50 years SCHILLER – an overview

50 years SCHILLER, that means 50 years of competence and innovation in medical technology. The best research and development engineers, the locational advantage of our Swiss headquarters, our many years of experience and our thirst for knowledge, our pioneer spirit and the expertise of leading scientists and users have made SCHILLER so successful.

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