1998 – SCHILLER India is created in cooperation between Alfred Schiller and the RR Group


SCHILLER has been selling in India since 1989.

SCHILLER India has a manufacturing facility in Puducherry and Visakhapatnam, where it produces a range of appliances that complement SCHILLER AG's products in terms of functionality and price. The company has a strong research and development team based in Bengaluru, which utilizes new and advanced technologies and regularly develops new products under the guidance of the Swiss team.

SCHILLER India's product range includes critical care, cardiology, radiology, telemedicine, cardiopulmonary medicine, anesthesia, and surgery. The company has strategic partnerships with Stephan GmbH of Germany and Tecme Argentina for ventilators, Neuro-Logica USA for portable CT, and Zimmer USA for robotic neurosurgery.